Our Research

PhD Studies by Mark Drechsler at University of South Australia

Mark Drechsler, a Director of CBSM with over 40 years of industry experience has started a PhD at the University of South Australia researching the energy and mineral processing benefits of our innovative comminution technology called GRolls®.

Undertaking a PhD on our GRolls® technology supports our commercialisation pathway by providing access to research and industry partners that are also committed to improving technical knowledge within our industry.

I will be using our lab scale GRolls® unit located at Mawson Lakes to crush a wide range of industry supplied feed material during my PhD as well as supporting many other research programs being undertaken at UniSA.

Over the next three years my research will confirm that our GRolls® technology can reduce energy consumption by around 30%, eliminate media, work in both wet and dry flow sheets and improve grade recovery.

Furthermore, the high compression and shear provided by the GRolls® has the potential to enhance recovery and grade in subsequent processing by increasing exposure of the valuable mineral.

We are seeking industry support in the provision of a variety of feed materials to confirm the performance of the GRolls® technology.